6 Ways To Attract Millennials To Your Restaurant

6 Ways To Attract Millennials To Your Restaurant

In a recent study, a whopping 87% of millennials say they would splurge on a nice meal even if their budget is tight. In the United States, millennials comprise nearly 1/4 of the entire population! Do you know what that means? Millennials are the perfect audience to drive more traffic and foodies into your restaurant. Here are 6 ways you can attract millennials.

1. High-Quality Food

People are beginning to care more about the food they are eating. That is why many restaurants are focusing on farm to table cuisines and guess who loves that? Millennials! Incorporate high-quality organic foods and millennials will flock to your restaurant.

2. Social Media

One of the quickest ways to attract millennials to your restaurant is to share photos and videos of your yummy food on social media. Facebook is the most popular and widely used social network with 88% of millennials reporting over 50% daily usage. As for the other popular social networks, 36% of Millennials use Twitter, 36% use Pinterest, and 29% use Instagram.

3. Charitable giving

Millennials are more likely to buy from a business or eat at a restaurant that is participating in charitable events. There are many different ways that your restaurant can take part in charitable events. For example, your restaurant can join the Take a Bite for Skagit Food Fundraiser, a county-wide one day fundraiser that helps purchase food from local farmers and donate it to local food banks.

For any purchase you make through Yummy Alert, we will donate 25% of our profit to the local food bank association.

4. Fun Message

Take the time to develop a fun and hip message that appeals to the millennial audience. This means enhancing your social media posts, website, menu, and even restaurant ambiance (see #6). We take the time to craft unique posts that are perfect for all audiences while also focusing on your yummy food.

5. Mobile Friendly

We are living in a digital and mobile age, and your restaurant must adapt to the changes. If you want to attract millennials to your restaurant, you must connect with them on their mobile phone. It's important to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, and your local listings are regularly updated.

6. Make It Instagramable

Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. Millennials more than any other demographic connect with their friends on social media. So when they see an Instagram post from one of their friends about your restaurant, it holds the same weight as a word of mouth recommendation. Make your restaurant more "instagramable" by adding more lighting, using bright interior colors, and making sure your dishes are colorful.

By using these six tips you can bring in more Millennial foodies, but only if you talk about it! So stop just getting by and start reaching out!




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