Case Study: Anelia’s Kitchen and Stage

Case Study: Anelia’s Kitchen and Stage

We met Jennifer Ferry and Matt Farrell, co-owners of Anelia's Kitchen and Stage, in 2014 shortly after they transformed the former La Conner bank into a Polish-Northwest fusion restaurant.

The Foodie Ninjas traveled out to La Conner curious to see what Anelia's Kitchen and Stage was all about. Fantastic food, oh-so-delicious pies, and live music awaited us at this wonderful little restaurant located on 513 South First Street. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What does Anelia's Kitchen and Stage have to say after working with us for three years?

"People come in because of Yummy Alert. A lot of dishes that people come in to get, they saw it on Yummy Alert. People say that they like our page because they saw us on Yummy Alert. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Yummy Alert is effortless. It's super easy. It's our best avenue for marketing. We are a part of other magazines and papers, but they don't pay as much attention as Yummy Alert does." ~ Matt Farrell, bartender, and co-owner of Anelia's Kitchen And Stage.

"Yummy Alert is very hands-on, unlike most other companies we work with. It's really nice, because with Yummy Alert, we have meetings on a quarterly basis, and they have created their own thoughts and ideas, rather than just using ours. We just love the way that Yummy Alert does their online marketing and the way they promote the businesses they work with. It is above and beyond what we usually get. With a small company like Anelia's, it's really nice that Yummy Alert very flexible. It's been a pleasure working with Yummy Alert." ~ Jennifer Ferry, head chef and co-owner of Anelia's Kitchen And Stage.

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