Chocolate Adventure At Lorenzo's!

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#FoodieAdventure This Foodie Adventure at Lorenzo's will have you Choco Loco! Start with our Skagit famous Coffee Killer, then dive into our authentic Mole Enchiladas and scrumptious Raspberry Cheesecake Chimis!

  • Raspberry Cheesecake Chimis

    Tortillas transform into a sweet treat when they are stuffed with divine cheesecake filling, dusted with cinnamon and topped with tart raspberry sauce. Served with a scoop of ice cream.

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Thanksgiving At The Waterfront Cafe

    Hot chiles and rich chocolate make this traditional Mexican sauce a delicious topping for Lorenzo's enchiladas! Served with your choice of chicken, ground beef or piccadillo.

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Thanksgiving At The Waterfront Cafe

    This java drink is TO-DIE for! Buttery Kahlua, creamy Bailey’s, rich coffee and whipped cream topped with a caramel swirl.

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