Chocolate Fall Foodie Adventure At North Cove Coffee!

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#FoodieAdventure Chocolate for lunch? You bet! This Foodie Adventure celebrates National Chocolate Day (or any day you're having a craving) and includes a Classic Mocha, a hot cup of their Soup of the Day, a yummy Half-Sandwich and a decadent Chocolate Brownie.

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    The mocha at North Cove Coffee will warm you up and is sure to leave you in chocolate heaven! They combine their organic espresso with rich Ghiradelli chocolate and then top it off with their velvet foam.

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    A square of rich chocolate-y goodness - yes, please!  We understand if you want to eat dessert first.

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    Why choose between a sandwich or soup when you can get both for $7.50 at North Cove Coffee? Enjoy the best of both worlds with half of one of our signature sandwiches such as "Turkey & Cheddar" or "Ham & Swiss" paired with a cup of delicious soup!

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