Foodie Trends: Local Food Movement

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One of the best ways to stay relevant in the ever-changing foodie industry is to cater to the latest foodie trends and fads. If a restaurant wants to be hip and succeed, it must be aware of a trend that is consuming the foodie industry and taking over by storm. With the rise of the millennial culture, more and more people are seeking healthier and local food.

From Health to Profits!

In a recent study done by Mintel in 2012, they discovered why many Americans are choosing local food over frozen or canned food. [1]

  • 65% of Americans believe local food is fresher.
  • 63% of Americans like supporting the local economy.
  • 33% of Americans believe local food provides better value for the money spent.
  • 24% of Americans mention that local food is safer.
  • 23% of Americans buy local food to support the environment.

On top of that, 21% of those that participated in the study are willing to pay more at a restaurant if the food is local. As the statistic shows, it appears that foodies are willing to pay more for better tasting and healthier produce and meats. 

With that being said, by using local and fresh produce and meats, you can increase your profit margins, increase foodie retention, and bring in more customers looking for fresh and local meals. 

A Mother's Concern

A large group of individuals that have bought into the local food movement is mothers. Reason being, mothers are always seeking new healthier alternatives for their children rather than frozen or processed foods. Rather than feed their child canned fruits and vegetables, mothers are heading to local farmer's markets to find fresh and better tasting produce. 

Local Farms in Skagit County

Bringing food from local farms to your restaurant table is a trend worth investing in. Not only will foodies flock to your restaurant, you will also be supporting local farms and the economy.

Here is a few local farms in Skagit County that will supply restaurants with direct produce and meat:

  • Happy Little Farm

          18385 Torset Road, Conway, WA 98273


  • Hedlin Family Farm

         12052 Chilberg Road, La Conner, WA


  • Highwater Farm

         21135 Francis Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98273


Are you ready to participate in the local food movement and incorporate more farm to table meals in your restaurant? We can help you get the word out that you are an official member of the local food movement. See how we can help get word out about what's cooking in your kitchen!