Reaching Out vs Just Getting By

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It used to be that marketing was spread through word-of-mouth conversations - individuals sharing with one another the positive experiences they had with your business. While this is still the most effective way to gain new customers (over 90% of consumers trust referrals from people they know) and keep them coming back, HOW people have these conversations has changed.

Today, people can share their thoughts instantly and are inundated with news, ideas, and opinions. The conversations that used to lead to word of mouth referrals are no longer taking place in person. They have been replaced with communication through social media channels like instant messaging, Instagram, Facebook, and blogs. People are passively following what their friends are sharing about their experiences on the social networks.

As a result, your customers are looking for referrals from their friends online. Unless you tap into these digital and web-based channels to build a community around your restaurant, your customers are just going to scroll past your posts, and drive past your restaurant.

But what is a busy restaurant owner going to do? We are constantly out in the community, and we hear from businesses all the time that you already have enough on your hands just prepping the food and making sure all of the staff are showing up for their shifts! The thought of adding in a social media marketing plan, and building a community probably sounds overwhelming.

So instead of making you feel like you are not doing enough, we are going to do something completely different, we're going to talk about solutions that you can easily afford and act on immediately (with a minimal time commitment) that will provide you with new and returning customers.

Easy & Stress-Free!

We will schedule a 15-minute phone interview with you every quarter. You just answer a few questions that will fuel your Yummy Alert marketing plan geared to get people coming through your doors! Then our photographer will come in and take photos your food. Marketing has never been so easy and completely stress-free.

Reach Local Foodies!

Yummy Alert already has a built-in community of more than 8,000 hungry foodies in your local community who can’t wait to try what we are sharing with them. 50% of our website visitors spend 30 minutes or more on our website!

You Get Foodie Ninjas!

If your website is out-of-date, we can provide you with a Foodie Website that is jam-packed full of all of the tools and functionality that you need to make it easier for potential customers to find you and interact with you. What’s more, everything we share on Yummy Alert will automatically post to your new site with a link back to!

You need to stop just getting by and start reaching out! Click here to get started!

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