Restaurant Marketing With A Twist!

Restaurant Marketing With A Twist!

Our marketing agency recognizes that restaurant marketing needs a new twist to get more foodies through your doors and seated at the tables. In 2012, Skagit Yummy Alert was launched to solve the following key issues:

You need to get in front of the right people. Our Twist: We represent a growing online community of over 8,000 active foodies! We all want to know what you are cooking up & will go out of our way to get it!

You need to be seen in multiple places by many people! Our Twist: We have created multiple platforms including, our social networks, and our high-end magazines with the express purpose to maximize your visibility.

You don't have enough time in the day! Our Twist: 30 minutes of your time every 3 months is all we need. Our specialists actively pursue you for an interview and photoshoot. We take care of all the rest!

Marketing is normally really expensive! Our Twist: We have created advanced solutions and use various methods that enable us to provide comprehensive marketing that does not break the bank!

It works! Here is what a couple of other foodies have shared with us!

“I've found out about SO many great local places to eat thanks to you! You are an asset to all Skagit Foodies!” ~ Jen Milton

"I go to your FB page to see what restaurants are good and have not been disappointed."  ~ Mary Parker


"The first word that comes to mind when I think of Yummy Alert is effortless. It's super easy. It's our best avenue for marketing. People come in because of Yummy Alert. A lot of dishes that people come in to get, they saw it on Yummy Alert. People say that they like our page because they saw us on Yummy Alert." ~ Matt Farrell, co-owner and head bartender of Anelia's Kitchen And Stage in La Conner

Let us be your foodie ambassadors, sign up for the club today!