What Is The Take A Bite For Skagit

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What is the Take A Bite For Skagit?

The Take A Bite For Skagit is an annual dine-out event on Thursday, May 18th that directly improves the nutrition and health of our community. It’s really easy to participate! You just eat yummy food at your favorite participating restaurants. The restaurants will donate a percentage of their proceeds to Community Action’s Skagit Food Distribution Center to purchase fresh produce from local farms and give it to local food banks.

What Is Community Action’s Skagit Food Distribution Center?

The Skagit Food Distribution Center coordinates with the county’s food banks and hot meal programs to help streamline the purchase and distribution of good wholesome food. This ensures that the hungry people all over the community have access to the nutritious food they need to truly thrive.

Did you know...

  • 1 in 5 Skagit County families will visit their local food banks this year
  • 20% of all Skagit households rely on area food banks.
  • 23% of our low-income citizens report going hungry from lack of food.
  • 48% said that someone in their household had skipped meals in the past 12 months because there was not enough money for food.

Not only are you supporting local farms and hungry families, but you are also helping local businesses thrive! Encourage your favorite restaurant to sign up for the Take A Bite For Skagit event, and they will receive a ton of promotion all over Skagit County. Restaurants can sign up at http://skagiteats.com/TakeABiteSignUp or call Skagit Eats at (360) 848-1972.

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